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Re: Question

Caleb, etc.

    So that you know that someone noticed your 2 postings of the same
question (with different Subjects) - The dinosaur in question is _Scipionyx
samniticus_.  This dinosaur is from Italy, and made the news nearly a year
ago (although it was known to several people well before then).   I believe
it was the cover story for Nature magazine in April or May 1998.

    Just recently, the same dinosaur has made the news again with a press
release from the Oregon State University group (Nicholas Geist specifically,
associated with Larry Martin and Alan Feduccia).  See references to Subjects
"CNN:Is it snowing in Oregon?", "Trippy Skippy", "AP story on Scipionyx",
"CNN: fossil shows dinosurs were supercharged", and "Turbocharged

for example -
Ralph Miller posted :

> Links to this and many other science news stories can be found at
> One such article on the Oregon State University zoology department study
on _Scipionyx samniticus_ and the OSU interpretation of the theropod
> system can be found at <www.eurekalert.org/releases/oresu-rfs011599.html>.
You can view enormous online images of the fossil photographed under
> light at <www.osu.orst.edu/dept/ncs/photos/index.html>.  There is also an
image at Dr. John Ruben's "Vertebrate Paleobiology Laboratory" site at
> <http://ucs.orst.edu/~joneste/rubenlab.htm>, and you can get further
background on Ruben's work by clicking on various highlighted words at this
> subsequent sites.  There is also a small image of the
ultraviolet-illuminated fossil at
> <http://abcnews.go.com/sections/science/DailyNews/dinosaurs990121.html>,
but I almost wonder if this was color corrected, because it doesn't display
the same
> Maxfield Parrish palette.
> I'm not saying I buy the conclusions of this research, but I'm sure that
many of you would at least like to have a look at the fossil under the
> glow.
> Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>

(I corrected the first URL in Ralph's post).

    Allan Edels

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From: Caleb Lewis <terminator2029@usa.net>
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Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 10:56 PM
Subject: Question

>Guys (and gals),
>      Recently i heard about the find of a dinosaur that was the mmost
perfectly preserved specimen (it was a therapod) ever found. Some internal
organs included. Could you guys fill me in on this more and give me some
links to some pics of this dino. Thanks.
>                                               Caleb
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