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Re: Question

Caleb, et al:

    The critter that you're hearing about is _Scipionyx samniticus_, which
is from Italy.  The American nickname for this animal is "Skippy".  It was
officially described early 1998, although some people had known about it for
several years.  The reason that you have recently heard about it (again,
perhaps), is because Nicholas Giest of Oregon State University released
information about the supposed metabolism, activity, and breathing
characteristics of _Scipionyx_, and other dinosaurs.  He is part of the
'Oregon State' group which includes Larry Martin, and also (although not at
OSU) - Alan Feduccia.

    Look for the following subjects in the past week on the Dinosaur List:

    "CNN: Is it snowing in Oregon?"
    "Trippy Skippy: (was CNN: Is it snowing in Oregon?)"
    "Turbocharged Dinosaurs"
    "CNN: fossil shows dinosaurs were supercharged"

        They should help you understand about the signifigance of

        Allan Edels

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Subject: Question

>Guys (and gals),
>      Recently i heard about the find of a dinosaur that was the mmost
perfectly preserved specimen (it was a therapod) ever found. Some internal
organs included. Could you guys fill me in on this more and give me some
links to some pics of this dino. Thanks.
>                                               Caleb
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