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Re: Question

Allan Edels wrote:
> Caleb, et al:
>     The critter that you're hearing about is _Scipionyx samniticus_, which
> is from Italy.  The American nickname for this animal is "Skippy".  It was
> officially described early 1998, although some people had known about it for
> several years.  The reason that you have recently heard about it (again,
> perhaps), is because Nicholas Giest of Oregon State University released
> information about the supposed metabolism, activity, and breathing
> characteristics of _Scipionyx_, and other dinosaurs.  He is part of the
> 'Oregon State' group which includes Larry Martin, and also (although not at
> OSU) - Alan Feduccia.
        Incidentally, Larry isn't at OSU either.  He is at the University 
of Kansas.

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