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Cleaning up

Let me put this at the top to try to make sure everybody sees it.
Mary Kirkaldy is officially a co-owner of the list.  If she decides
that you have violated list policy, then you can accept that
determination as though it came from me.  Mary also has the power to
time people out, banish them from the list, etc.  You may go to her
with grievances if you so desire (even if they're about me -- I trust
Mary to be fair).  If you are concerned about something and time is of
the essence, you should probably write to both of us to ensure the
most rapid action possible.

I was excessively occupied last week, and hence couldn't deal with a
lot of issues as they arose.  However, I have dealt with all of them
now.  Some voices on this list have been temporarily silenced (they
know who they are at this point, so if you haven't heard from me you
are -- at least officially -- in the clear).  I hope all of you will
take this as a warning so that the discussions here will be more

The nature of a good scientific discussion is that the subject matter
will be data and relationships between data.  A characteristic of many
bad scientific discussions is that they revolve around judging a
person's argument based on their presentation or on your opinions
about how wrong the presenter was in previous arguments.  On this
list I think we should all strive to have good discussions.  No flames
of people living or dead...

And I don't know how many times I can say this, but no Creationism!

And, particularly at times like now when the chatter is high, please
try to filter your participation.  If you don't know a lot about a
subject, don't try to answer questions about it.  If a response you're
writing is not likely to be of general interest, send that response to
the sender of the original message rather than to the whole list.  If
you find yourself writing to the list several times in a day, try to
remember that the list doesn't exist just to hear your opinions.

And some basic netiquette again... do NOT include copies of an entire
message just because you want to respond to a point that was in the
message.  And please do not send mail to the list in the form of
attachments (whether they contain images or not).

Ok, I think I've complained enough.  As always, any comments that you
have about this message or anything else related to list policy should
be directed to the list owners (e.g. me).  If after discussing a
grievance with me (or Mary) you feel some discussion or a vote is in
order, then you can go to the list (after receiving explicit
permission).  Please don't make me add a "no insubordination" rule to
the administrivia message.  To put all this another way: No
discussions about list administration should occur on-list.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Your humble list administrator,

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)