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State of the Dino List Union

In a message dated 1/25/99 7:00:26 PM Eastern Standard Time, mrowe@indiana.edu

>  Let me put this at the top to try to make sure everybody sees it.
>  Mary Kirkaldy is officially a co-owner of the list.  If she decides
>  that you have violated list policy, then you can accept that
>  determination as though it came from me. 
Since this announcement rather calls for a brief policy statement, let me 
assure everyone that I hold the same views on what should and should not 
be on the dino list as Mickey does.  While I have met many of the posters 
on the list, I will not hesitate to time out or banish those who chose to 
ignore the rules.  Dinosaurs, science and a high intellectual level of
discussion are the bases of a great list, so let's all strive for that ideal. 


"No, there is another."