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RE: tooth question

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        _Nanotyrannus lancensis_ is a still-younger juvenile _T. rex_.
        officially published yet, so it's sort of up in the air. 

        I'd love to get Dr. Holtz's take on Nanotyrannus!  :-)  What were
the results of the CAT scans (MRIs... whatever) that Dr. Bakker had
        on the Nanotyrannus skull?  I recall the report of this being done,
but not the results.  Is Robert Bakker still convinced this is a distinct
species of Tyrannosaur, as opposed to a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex?

        p.s.  It's happening again.  Everytime I post something, I get hit
        spam from a yahoo.com address and an ibm.net address.  Is this
        to anyone else?

        Not when I post to THIS list, but I do get routinely spam'ed when I
post to a theoretical physics list & so do MANY others on that list.