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RE: basal metabolism

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        Subject:        basal metabolism

        > if this variation in growth rate did > happen, 
        > one practical advantage could be a reduced effective basal 
        > metabolism, 
        > thus (perhaps) requiring less food? 

        Something similar to this happens in mammals and birds today.  A
period of
        rapid growth followed by an adulthood where metabolic requirements
        proportionately less.  This should not be viewed as an indication
that adult
        dinosaurs were "less warm-blooded" than the young unless the same
can be
        said for elephants, egrets, and _Mus_.  



        Yes, I agree - I wouldn't think it WOULD mean that.  This occurs
with we humans too, unfortunately.
:-)     It would seem that if this is true, at least part of the problem of
how did the really huge dinosaurs 
enough to eat might be answered.