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Re: Fossilization Experiment

At 20:10 -0500 27/1/99, Jerry D. Harris wrote:

>        A friend of mine and volunteer at our museum posed an interesting
>question to me today:  her daughter wants to do a science fair experiment
>on the fossilization process, and she was asking me for references.
>However, I only have "advanced" references -- those intended for
>consumption by scientists, not kids (even bright ones).  Sadly, I don't
>have the time or resources to keep up much with the non-scientific
>literature, particularly that aimed at children.  Can anyone point me to
>something in a kid's book that is along these lines -- I'm thinking here of
>something that would allow her to precipitate some crystals inside a hollow
>tube to mimic the permineralization process, and something non-toxic (maybe
>involving salt crystals?)  (I'll also give her the references that have
>been released lately which seem to implicate bacteria in the fossilization
>process, but the experiment needn't involve those.  8-D  ).  Any help would
>be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks in advance...

Did you check the archives of the CIS Dinosaur Forum?  I distinctly
remember the same question, and we had a slew of suggestions.  Ah, those
were the salad days....

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