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Re: "Random selection": an oxymoron.

>Here is a simple example.  On a tree covered with lichen a white peppered
>moth will be taken at a lower rate than the dark moth.  This is a rule we
>have identified.  And with regard to moths and their predators it is
>pretty iron clad.  Now, throw in a variable. See if I can make a
>prediction (after all, I could do the experiment).  Strip off the lichen.
>Now the dark moths are harder to see and the population will evolve to
>have a higher frequency of taht allele.  This is no random change.  It is

Actually this was refuted in a recent volume of either Nature or Science.
The original study was seriously flawed and now being re-thought.I will se
if I can relocate the volume, they are routed to me at work.

                                Jennifer R. Kane