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Looking for the Cretaceous....

Hello all. My apologies for the cross posting.

I am working on a thesis project directly related to my general research on
the Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs of Maryland, USA. Some of you may know that
Arundel Clay of Md. is Aptian in age. The fauna of the Arundel are poorly
known and poorly represented and consists of a century old collection from the
time of Hatcher! Renewed searches by myself and others since the 1980s have
added new and more significant fossils to that collection which ONLY now lends
itself to diagnosis of some of the material and comparison to contemporaneous
forms from the Western Interior of the US and possibly even the Upper Wealden
of England.
The Arundel is the only dinosaur producing Lower Cretaceous unit that I know
of on the East Coast, or in eastern North America for that matter, which in
and of itself is significant. Of the many sites that once produced vertebrate
remains, only ONE site has escaped being filled in for a strip mall or worse!
So attempts to recover as much material as possible are under way before
mining or recovery laws result in loss of this last vestige of Lower K life.

My question is this: Does anyone out there know of any subsurface
intermontane, valley deposits of Lower Cretaceous age sedimentary rocks
(Neocomian - Albian) in the Appalachian Mountains and related ranges? I am
particularly interested in hearing of recent or current research, the
researchers themselves, any papers or email address of the above? I need to
know the specific locations, ages, lithologies, depths, fossils, and what
means of correlation used, i.e., stable isotopes, pollen, fossils etc.

As always I would be most grateful for any leads you may be able to provide!

Thank you!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies