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Re: tooth question

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

> Well, the evidence seems to be coming in from many dinosaur lineages
> (hadrosaurids, troodontids, sauropods, etc.) that a period of fast growth
> was followed by a big slow down.

So how does this cause people to infer a drastic change in basic metabolic 
This happens with pretty much any animal. Take a mammal, they grow very quickly
as an infant. Yes, I know humans are not as quick as some, but still, young
mammals grow pretty darn quick until they hit maturity and then they stop
growing. Reptiles grow quickly when young and then slowly when adult. They don't
stop growing as an adult, but it is nowhere near as fast as when young. None of
them require an unusual slowdown of metabolic rates, why should we expect
anything different from dinos?

I just noticed that a couple of others have just said this. But still, what led
Horner and others to suggest this?

Joe Daniel