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Hot Stuff

  Here are two new websites that should be of interest to some of you:
  1) http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/fuertes.html  From the New York State Museum,
includes images from _The Birds of New York_from watercolors by Louis Fuertes,
but also includes a killer Bibliography of Natural History Illustration
pertinent to many interests on this list from artist biographies to computer
imaging. Includes ISBN and pricing info. Check it out.
  2) http://www2.southwind.net/~mjever/plioplat.html  From Mike Everhart's
Oceans of Kansas site. An excellent photograph of a very strange mosasaur
skull, beautifully prepared.
  And (what the hell, go nuts!) take a look at Franczak's latest at
http://www.paleolife-art.com. A gorgeous pen and ink of our favorite theropod.
Dan Varner.