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Re: basal metabolism

>GSPaul wrote:

>Exactly. All animals growth rates plateau out after the main juvenile
>period. During juvenile growth resting metabilism can be a third over that
>expected in an adult of similar mass. Greater declines in metabolic rate as
>growth ceases are highly speculative and may not be feasible because they
>would require a dramatic reconfiguration of cellular physiology.
You're right.  And humans grow in spurts and not a steady linear or
curvilinear pattern over short periods.  The largest spurt is the
prepubertal one and interestingly in our species girls tend to do it first.
I'm not familiar with reptilian physiology enough to comment on whether
reptiles grow in spurts.

Levels of GH, etc plateau over time and our basal metabolic needs are less
as adults (and some of us tend to get fat).  I don't know details of the
changes in cells that you would think would have to go along with decreased
metabolism.  Certainly a different endocrine milleau would work at the
cellular and intra-cellular level.  Any cellular biologists out there?

Altho this is speculative for dinosaurs, I would have to agree with Greg
that very low metabolic rates would probably not be feasible.  It would
certainly be a different metabolism we see in mammals.

Michael Teuton