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The Vertebrate Phylogeny Pages

Hey all,

Don't want to tie up everyone's time too much, but I wanted to announce that
I'm finally ready to show The Vertebrate Phylogeny Pages.  I know that some
of you have already seen them, but this is the first time I've mentioned
them on the list.  

Keep in mind that this is a website that will always be under construction
because of its very nature.  My formal description of the page is:

Description of the origin and evolution of major groups of vertebrates:
includes cladograms, references, links, and illustrations.

the URL is:


So please check it out and sign the guest book if you have a moment.  If you
have ANY suggestions, let me know.  If you would like to write an essay for
a page you are particularly knowledgable in, let me know that too.  

Mickey, I hope this isn't too off-topic.  

Thanks everyone and have a good night!

Jack Conrad