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Karen Chin's poopy lecture

I got to the lecture tonight a little late and it was pretty crowded,
but Karen Chin was discussing poo and trying to keep the scatalogical
humor as mild as possible. There was a lot.

She discussed 4 specific dinosaur coprolites; one she said was Jim
Kirkland's (heh), a dinosaur coprolite with fossil traces of dung beetle
tunnels (of more than one kind of dung beetle no less), Horner's
Maiasaur poo from the Egg Mountain locality, and of course the Canadian
T rex poo.

Afterwards there was a question session- I saw Ralph there (hey Ralph)-
and I asked her if the Canadian T rex poo had given her any preconceived
ideas about the gut/digestion of theropods, and if Skippy supported that
at all, and she said she didn't think enough organ material had been
positively identified in Skippy to say so (and she had seen a slide at
least of the UV'd material).

Also I asked her since the most common material found at a dinosaur site
is teeth, and since dinosaurs shed their teeth so often, if there was
ever any sign of dinosaurs having ingested their own teeth, and she said
other people have asked her to look for this, but so far the only tooth
she's found was a juvenile ceratopian tooth in a carnivore's droppings. 
(my cat ingested all but one of her milk teeth-can't be that unusual)

I also asked her if anyone had reported coprolites from the fossil
locality in China that Seinosauropteryx and Confucio-whatsit were found
in, since it's obviously a nearly complete biota covered up in some mass
destructive event, and she said Phil Currie was the only dinosaur
paleontologist that she talks to that has seen that locale and he hasn't
said anything about coprolites to her yet.

>From what I've seen of dinosaur poo, it's not very much like bird poo.  
Bird poo is more like bat poo. 


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