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thanks and a note about _Alxasaurus_

I'd like to thank everyone who has already review the Vert. Phylo. Pages and
suggest that you check back about once a month as I'm adding lots of new
stuff every week.  

About _Alxasaurus_:

Per Jim Kirkland's advice from about a month ago (and subsequent
cautionings) I plan to present another representation of _Alxasaurus_.  As
to the opisthopubic condition versus a propubic _Alxasaurus_, I realize that
the pubic peduncle on the ilium of _may_ indicate opisthopuby.  However, it
has also been noted that _Alxasaurus_ resembles oviraptoroids in some
regards in some regards.  If you look at the illustration of the pelvis of
_Ingenia yanshini_ on page 255 of _The Dinosauria_ you will notice that the
proximal portion of the pubis is of vertical or opisthopubic design, but
that there is a deflection of the pubis cranially as you follow the pubis
shaft distally.  It is easy to "see" that this condition might be derived
from someting like the pelvis attributed to _Avimimus_.  Looking at the
ilium in the oft-reproduced illustration of _Alxasaurus_, it seems very much
like that of what is labeled _Oviraptor mongoliensis_ on page 254 of _The
Dinosauria_, suggesting to me the possibility of an _Ingenia_-like position
of the pelvis in _Alxasaurus_.  

Now I'm not saying that I am right, I'm only trying to explain why I
restored the animal as I have.  I will say, however, that I am working on a
new illustration of the skeleton with a less derived skull and perhaps a
more vertical pubis.  I may, however, redo the existing illustration a
little "better" and present both on the site together.  

Thanks all, for your time and comments

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