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Re: Convergence and Coding Characters

Message text written by "Jonathan R. Wagner"
>My name ain't Peter Wagner. Now, I understand your confusion over
various frothing-at-the-mouth-cladist, bannanas-for-phylogenetic-taxonomy
listmembers, but there's a Peter Buchholz and a Jonathan Wagner. Please
one of us to enthusiastically excise from your postings. Or, if you pick
both, do be sure to seperate us.

        If I may quote a famous animated television star:  D'OH!!!!  I
really must quit trying to write coherent messages on so little sleep... 
No excuses; I have erred, and must repent!  I will find the nearest
blackboard and write "Jonathan Wagner" and "Peter Buchholz" 100 times until
I get it straight!  Sorry, my friends -- no insult was intended!!

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