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CNN: cave bear smuggler arrested

German Smuggler of Cave BEAR'S Skeleton Arrested in Russia.
Itar-Tass             29-JAN-99

MOSCOW, January 29 (Itar-Tass) - Russian customs officials have arrested
a German who tried to take the skeleton of a cave bear across the border
to Finland, a source in the St.Petersburg police department told Tass on

The city's criminal police department had received a useful tip-off and
ordered a careful search of his Mercedes car. The skeleton, which is of
great historic and archaeologic value, was found in hiding places, the
source said. 

This has been the second detention of archaeologic smugglers trying to
cross the Russian-Finnish border in January so far. 

Last December, border guards of the same checkpoint, Torfyanovka,
detained a German who tried to smuggle out a set of archaeologic and
mineral pieces, including rare stones, meteorites, mammoths' tusks, and
cave bears' skulls. 

The cave bears are the best studied animals of all extinct species.
Their remains can be found in Eurasia and North America. They existed
during the Pleistoscene epoch and died out in the anthropogenous period. 

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