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K-T Symposium

      The Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS) is putting on a K-T 
Symposium at Colorado School of Mines in Golden this March:

                      _The K-T Boundary: Extinction and Emergence_
      It runs March 20-21 (Saturday and Sunday).  Saturday the 20th is the 
actual symposium featuring keynote speakers, poster sessions, and fossil 
exhibits, and the 21st will be a field trip to Dinosaur Ridge and the K-T 
boundary at South Table Mountain.
     Contact WIPS at (303) 948-1184, fax (303) 690-5583, or click on their 
website at: http://www.wipsppc.com for information.
     The symposium costs $45.00 pre-registration (before March 10th), $55.00 
after March tenth or walk-in, and $40.00 for students.  The field trip is 
$20.00.  Altogether, not too pricey.  The symposium and field trip can also be 
attended for Continuing education for $95.00.  
    Keynote speakers include:

     Louis Jacobs ("Mass extinctions: similarities and differences")
     Jim Kirkland ("Patterns of extinction during the Cretaceous: contrasts to  
               the terminal K-T boundary extinction")
      Doug Nichols, USGS palynologist ("The end of an era, evidence for a 
continent-wide catastrophe at the K-T boundary")
     Kirk Johnson ("The end of an era, evidence of ecosystem devastation at the 
K-T boundary)
      Anthony Fiorilla ("Taphonomy at the K-T boundary")

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