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Re: Bugenasaura redux

majestic_cheese@yahoo.com (Larry Dunn) queried the list:

> Sorry to do this folks, but I've done some poking around and cannot
> find which journal published Galton's 1995 paper describing
> Please help the mentally deficient.  Anyone have the cite handy?

Galton, P.M. 1995. The species of the basal hypsilophodontid dinosaur
Thescelosaurus Gilmore (Ornithischia;
Ornithopoda) from the Late Cretaceous of North America. Neues Jahrbuch
fuer Geologie und
 Palaeontologie. Abhandlungen, vol. 198(3):297-311.

> Vielen dank fur die auskunft.

Hey! Watch the language!   I haven't been "feelin' dank furs" since my
teen years!    :-)