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Re: Chicago...

Alien4240@aol.com wrote:
> I'm going to Chicago next week to visit the Field Muesum and Natural History
> Muesum, or whatever thy're callled, because I hear a lot about them but have
> never been there. Is Sue on display at all yet? Are there any other
> particular displays I should look for that are about as interesting? Thanks.

Parts of Sue are up, including the right jaw and (for the next 12 hours,
at least) the right foot.  There will generally be one part of Sue or
another in the McDonalds Lab on the second floor - these days, it's
caudal and dorsal vertebrae.

We've also opened a temporary exhibit, open until December (I think),
focusing on the CT work we're doing.  It's also on the second floor,
near the McDonalds Lab.

Don't forget Life Over Time, which includes some dinosaurs as well as
nondinosaurian fossils.  And don't miss the new Underground Adventure
exhibit - my wife did the computer interactives.


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Department of Geology
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