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Re: Chicago: Suchomimus & Sue

(In response to Matt <Alien4240@aol.com>):

While in Chicago, you may also wish to visit the Chicago Children's Museum (see
<www.chichildrensmuseum.org>) where the skeleton and scale model of _Suchomimus
tenerensis_ are on display as part of their Dinosaur Discovery area.  The mock
dig site won't open 'til June 23, 1999, so you will be there too early for
that.  I'll be visiting Chicago too early to see that, myself, and I'm probably
too old for it, anyway.  (Sniff).  The museum itself is designed for small
children, but there's nowhere else to see this mount.  I won't mention the
temporary Dr. Suess exhibit, because it's off topic.

The  Field Museum is a must; the Museum of Science and Industry, the Oriental
Institute of the University of Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago also
may interest you.

To whet your appetite for the Field Museum, you can visit their web site at
<www.fmnh.org>, visit the Sue web page at <www.fmnh.org/sue>, and see the Sue CT
scan in motion at <www.nationalgeographic.com/dinorama>.

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com