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Off topic but noteworthy info about Nature Online

When I subscribed to Nature online (the freebie part),
I soon thereafter noticed that the e-mail address I'd
given for confirmation started getting spammed, a
strange occurrence as I didn't use it much for
internet correspondence and it wasn't linked to a

So I decided to set up a hotmail account to use solely
for the purpose of testing this hypo.  Sure enough,
once used as a confirmation e-mail, it promptly began
getting the same 15-20 junk e-mails a day that the
first account got.

So be warned -- if you plan to subscribe to Nature,
either do it with Yahoo which has a nice spam
screening feature, or be prepared to get lots of spam
thanks to Nature.


Thus Kent, oh princes, bids you all adieu
He'll shape his old course in a country new

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