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a question and a request

Just recently, I was looking through a childrens dinosaur book and read about an as-yet-unnamed tyrannosaur. The bones were found by Jim Jensen and two of his students and were later inspected by Dale Russel. The bones were described as "not _Allosaurus_, not _Tyrannosaurus_, but certainly one of the tyrannosaur family." From what I can gather, I think the fossils may be from "Dry Mesa" in Utah. Does anyone know if this specimen has been named yet? I know the information isn't too much to go on, but I'm curious to know.

Also, on another note, I'm still trying to set up web site featuring some interesting dinosaur illustrations that I've done. Although I already have numerous drawings completed, I was wondering what the 'audience' wants to see. If anyone has any requests of what they would like to see drawn on my web page, feel free to send me your ideas and I'll do my darndest to bring them to life. It'll be interesting to see what kind of responses I get.

- Jordan Mallon

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