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Re: a question and a request

At 01:09 PM 6/1/99 PDT, Jordan Mallon wrote:
>Just recently, I was looking through a childrens dinosaur book and read 
>about an as-yet-unnamed tyrannosaur.

If you give the date (and name?) of the book, that might REALLY REALLY help.

>The bones were found by Jim Jensen and 
>two of his students and were later inspected by Dale Russel.  The bones were 
>described as "not _Allosaurus_, not _Tyrannosaurus_, but certainly one of 
>the tyrannosaur family." From what I can gather, I think the fossils may be 
>from "Dry Mesa" in Utah.  Does anyone know if this specimen has been named 
>yet?  I know the information isn't too much to go on, but I'm curious to 

Sounds like it could be _Stokesosaurus cleavelandi_: thought by Jensen to be
a tyrannosaurid (mostly on the shared presence of the midline ridge of the

However, is there any mention about how big the critter was?  If it is a
book from the early-to-mid-1970s, and talking about a "_Tyrannosaurus_-sized
meat-eater from Dry Mesa", they are referring to _Torvosaurus tanneri_.

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