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Re: Taxonomy (was Re: Fixing dinosaurian carnivour question)

At 11:26 PM 5/29/99 -0400, T. Mike Keesey wrote:
>Hm. Might be a good ploy for historical writing or communication with the
>general public, yes. Also "Order Saurischia", "Class Amphibia", etc. --
>But what do we do for poor Dinosauria, which didn't have a rank? (Or was
>it a "Grandorder" or something?... those tacked-on prefixes always elude

If you leave Saurischia and Ornithischia as order, then superorder would do.
[Personally, I would tend to elevate Suarischia and Ornithischia to
superorders, making Dinosauia a subclass or infraclass].

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