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Another Tidbit in June _Nat'l Geographic_

        Dwarfed by the big "Sue" article in the June '99 issue of _National
Geographic_ is a tiny article on an unnumbered page near the front (in the
"Geographica" section, opposite the Busch Gardens ad with the rhino) which
notes an English scholar who visited some biologists "who sort traits of
related living things to show how they evolved from a common ancestor" and
fed different historical translations of Geoffrey Chaucer's _Canterbury
Tales_ into a presumed cladistic program to determine which was closest to
Chaucer's original text.

        I'm not sure if literature "evolves," or how effective it may be
for non-biological systems, but this was interesting.

        Oh, and to stay on topic:  dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur.

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