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Re: Cearcadayctals

Jessica Wagar wrote:

<Okie, so it's not a dinosaur but... What's a

  *Cearadactylus* is one of the wierder things to come
out of the Araripe plateau, but not as wierd as the
new pterosaur, of which I was reminded of the comic
appearance by some ridiculous drawing of a
*Pteranodon* with teeth, but ... it looks like an
"ornithocheirid" however similar the refered skulls
appear, very like *Gallodactylus.* It
[*Cearadactylus*] was ctenochasmatid pterosaur with
some nasty dental work up front and a kinda-kinked
snout (that's all that's known, anyway, as far as I
know) and was almost certainly a fisher (though fish
may not be the primary diet).

  This from a person who's only glanced at the animal.

  Anyway, to make this topical: Bakker suggested that
Pterosauria was part of Dinosauria in 1986, so in a
roundabout way, though he kinda predicted Ornithodira,
it's topical. :) See how happy I am with myself? :) :)

  Any more and my jaw might stick this way. :) :) :)

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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