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Request for general info

Dear Dinophils,

due to a long illness I could not attend the list for nearly a year (since
August, 1998). Luckily, I am fine again and would like to get a short
update on what happened (without having to read several Gigabytes of
archives, lazy me).

So I would be very grateful to any of you who could provide me with a
short update on the important happenings in Dino-world since last summer. 

Thanks a lot in advance,


                   Dr. Martin Baeker
                   Institut fuer Werkstoffe
                   Langer Kamp 8
                   38106 Braunschweig
                   Tel.: 00-49-531-391-3073                      
                   Fax   00-49-531-391-3058
                   e-mail <martin.baeker@tu-bs.de>