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Re: Sinosauropteryx

Although I am not a professional paleontologist, and I know I am way out of my
league here on the List but the possibility of Sinosauropteryx's
"protofeathers" actually baing down is a pretty fair one, but it's
"protofeathers" could just be enlongated scales.  But as I said, I am way out
of my league here on the List.


GOBI 2010 wrote:

> Sinosauropteryx appears to have protofeathers, er..feather-like...THINGS..
> It looked to down to me.
> Could someone explain why it wasn't or couldn't have been down, or what the
> differences were between Sinosauropteryx's fluff and down?
> Could down in baby birds be a primative trait?
> Did down-like feathers evolve before "real" feathers?
> Are there any books on this out there???????
> Just curious.
> Jessica W
> Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist
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