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T.rex jaw power: T.rex predation revisited

To the members of the Dinosaur mailing list, Dr. Jack Horner and to Paul
    I remember seeing a small article about the strength in the
Tyrannosaur's feeding bite and it said that it was 3,011 lbs if pressure
per square inch.  The reason why I am posting this and emailing these
two well known Paleontologists is that it pertains to T.rex predaition.
If the strength behind the attacking bite of the T.rex is more powerful
than the feeding bite it must have been a true predator and just for Dr.
Horner; Did you take environment in account?  As far as I know, the
skeletons of T.rex was always discovered in prehistoric forests and
swamps (maybe not swamps, I don't remeber.) And if you, Paul (yes I do
call Paul Sereno by his first name) agree or disagree with Dr. Horner's
or my ideas on T.rex predation, please feel free to tell me.

--Mike Hickman