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Re: Rex Jaws

As far as I know, all dinosaurs had an overbite - just like living crocs
(ancestrally, at least) and squamates.  So a T. rex would not have had
the precise occlusion we have - that seems to be a mammalian thing.


GOBI 2010 wrote:
> I was wondering how T.rex jaws went..
> I mean, did the teeth overlap when the jaws were closed? Or did they line up
> like human teeth do, with the one row resting ontop of the other? Skulls at
> museums, and drawings in various books don't seem to help me much, but it
> seems that the teeth line up row-on-row, kinda like people teeth in most
> skulls on display..
> is this how they'd be in life?--seems kinda wierd to me.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Jessica W
> Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist
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