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Re: Dinosaurs of Morrison Formation

Just checking my mail after getting back from a week in Chicago.  
Full credit to the guys at the Field Museum - the dino exhibition is  
great, opening with a nice 3-D model of _Herrerasaurus_.

>Amphicoelias altus
>Amphicoelias fragillimus
>Apatosaurus excelsus

Don't forget _Apatosaurus ajax_, the type species.  Based on 
described material, the distinction between this species and _A. 
excelsus_ seems to be size - _ajax_ is bigger.  I also think _ajax_ 
is a younger species than _excelsus_ (the type of _Brontosaurus_).  I 
did see a mention of a partial hindlimb bone of _excelsus_ which 
would put this species in the size range of _ajax_.  Future studies 
may combine these two species (and kill off any chance of 
resurrecting the genus _Brontosaurus_!).

>Apatosaurus louisae
>"Apatosaurus" minimus

After reading McIntosh's opinion of this beast in _The Dinosauria_ it 
looks like a titanosaurid - six sacral vertebrae, and an ilium that 
bends outward at the front.

>Barosaurus lentus
>Brachiosaurus altithorax
>Camarasaurus grandis
>Camarasaurus lentus
>Camarasaurus lewisi
>Camarasaurus supremus

The number of _Camarasaurus_ species is still uncertain, for much the 
same reason as _Apatosaurus_.

>Diplodocus carnegii
>Diplodocus lacustris

I'm not sure what the differences are between _carnegii_ and 
_longus_.  I think McIntosh was the last person to study the 
_Diplodocus_ species in depth, and he regarded the separation of both 
species as only provisional.

Add _Diplodocus hayi_ to the list; this seems to be quite different 
from the type species.  _D. lacustris_ is toast.

>Diplodocus longus
>Dystrophaeus unemalae
>Dystylosaurus edwini

Somebody (can't mention his name in case he's in the process of 
publishing) thinks _Dystylosaurus_ is probably an invalid genus.

>Haplocanthosaurus delfsi
>Haplocanthosaurus pricus
>Seismosaurus halli

>Allosaurus fragilis

Don't forget _Saurophaganax maximus_, and the new _Allosaurus_ 
>Ceratosaurus nasicornis

I've heard a second _Ceratsoaurus_ species is on the way.  Don't have 
any details, except that it's bigger(?).

>Coelurus agilis
>Marshosaurus bicentesimus
>Ornitholestes hermanni
>Stokesosaurus clevelandi

A tyrannosaurid-like braincase may belong to _Stokesosaurus_ (Chure 
provisionally referred it to _S. clevelandi_).

>Torvosaurus tanneri

_Koparion douglassi_ and _Palaeopteryx thomsoni_, I think somebody 
mentioned, and _Edmarka rex_ which could just be a large specimen of 
_T. tanneri_. 


>Camptosaurus dispar
>Camptosaurus prestwichii

_C. prestwichii_ is an English camptosaur, as already noted - it's 
the type of _Cumnoria_.

>Drinker nisti
>Dryosaurus altus
>Gargoyleosaurus parkpini
>Laosaurus celer

This could be _Othnielia_. 

>Mymoorepelta maysi
>Nanosaurus agilis
>Othnielia rex
>Stegosaurus armatus
>Stegosaurus longispinus
>Stegosaurus stenops

So _S. longispinus_ may be a species of _Kentrosaurus_?