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Fw: energy-effective?

I had intended to send this to the List, but accidently sent it ONLY to Jim.

    Allan E.

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From: Allan Edels <Edels@email.msn.com>
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Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 2:58 PM
Subject: Re: energy-effective?

>Jim Cunningham said:
>>I haven't read the book yet.  Do you recommend it?
>(In reference to 'Taking Wing' written by Pat Shipman).
>    JIm, et al:
>    I recommend it.  I enjoyed the book, and found myself changing some of
>my ideas about the flying effectiveness of _Archaeopteryx_.  I was
>enough to get a Hardcover copy for 1/2 price (~$12.50 [US]).  The hardcover
>has a photo of the Berlin specimen in natural color (i.e. orange-ish tan),
>the trade paperback edition has an photo of the same specimen, but it is
>blue - I'm not sure if it is a X-ray photo, or a SEM photo, or what.  The
>trade paperback is around $10-12 [US].
>    Speaking of good books on the same and similar topics:  I just picked
>a copy of Wellenhoffer's "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs", in
>hardcover, for $10 (cover price: $30) [US].  And, after a few mistarts, got
>an Academic copy of Dingus & Rowe's "The Mistaken Extinction" - which
>includes a CD-ROM.  {I special ordered it using the correct ISBN, but they
>sent me the non-academic version (which has a different ISBN).  I finally
>got the right one two weeks later.   I got it for $37 [US] - the list price
>for the non-academic is $34.95.}   This book is about the extinction of all
>the non-avian dinosaurs, and about the development and emergence of the
>        Allan Edels