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Re: More on "arbitrary" paleontology ...

Matthew BONNAN wrote:
> A scientific hypothesis is an informed, testable, and predictive
> solution to a scientific problem that explains a natural phenomenon,
> process, or event.

Ever hear of the controversy involving the 'channeled scablands' theory
of how the Scablands of Washington were formed?  Sometimes even with
good, intelligent, careful observation and field notes up the wazoo, the
scientific community will out-of-hand reject a
geological/paleontological theory. In this case, without checking the
actual data themselves FOR 30 YEARS 
http://www.spokaneoutdoors.com/scabland.htm  (until further evidence
presented itself).

Science is done by people.  People do dumb things.

-Betty Cunningham

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)