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Confuciusornis and other feathered beasts

Please forgive me if this has been discussed to death sometime in the past.  
I tried to search the archives for this topic,  but had no luck.

I note that "The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" refers to Confuciusornis as a 
'toothless bird'.  In other places, I read that it is a feathered dinosaur (I 
assume this means non-avian dinosaur).   Could someone tell me if 
Confuciusornis (as well as Caudipteryx and  Protoarchaeopteryx) are 
considered  "non-avian feathered dinosaurs" by dinosaur paleontologists.  I'm 
assuming Sinosauropteryx is unequivocally a non-avian dinosaur with some kind 
of  feathers.  Right?

Also, does anyone know if those "new" ankylosaurs from Utah have been named 
yet?  The article I dug up on the Internet said they would be named for some 
of the people on the dig -- but doesn't say what the names will be. 

This is for my dinosaur book for kids -- where I briefly mention recent finds 
of new dinosaurs.  And,  in a different section, discuss why birds are 
considered dinosaurs.  I don't want to lead the poor kids astray .  

Thanks for any help,
Barbara Saffer, Ph.D.  (science writer)