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Re: Flora and Fauna of Dinosaur Park Formation

Hello all!
I while ago, I asked some questions regarding the flora and fauna of the Dinosaur Park Formation.  Wayne Hortensius just sent me a list of the dinosaurs that have been found there.  While I don't doubt Wayne's reliability, I was wondering if the other DML members would send me any corrections and/or additions, as in the recent "Dinosaurs of Morrison Formation" thread.  Here's the list:
Large Theropods:
Gorgosaurus libratus
Aublysodon mirandus
Daspletosaurus torosus
Undet. gracile tyrannosaurid (may be Aublysodon)

Small Theropods:
Avimimus sp.
cf. Erlikosaurus
Troodon formosus
Dromaeosaurus albertensis
Sauronitholestes langstoni
Richardoestesia gilmorei
Richardoestesia sp.
Paronychodon lacustris
Chirostenotes pergracilis (= C. collensi)
Chirostenotes elegans (= Caenagnathus sternbergi)
Elmisaurus elegans
Dromiceomimus samueli
Ornithomimus edmontonensis

Brachylophosaurus canadensis
Gryposaurus notabilis
Kritosaurus incurvimanus
Prosaurolophus maximus
Corythosaurus casuarius
Lambeosaurus lambei
Lambeosaurus magnicristatus
Lambeosaurus n. sp.
Parasaurolophus walkeri
I believe that there should also be some ceratopsians and ankylosaurs, so any contribution would be welcome.  Any pterosaurs too? (Yes, I know they're not dinosaurs.)
Infinite thanks!
Grant Harding
High school student/closet paleontologist
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"...I suspect he actually has a subspecies of _Stenonychosaurus_, though I
haven't decided for sure...small Triassic carnivore--two meters from pes to
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