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Re: Flora and Fauna of Dinosaur Park Formation

In a message dated 6/6/99 1:16:31 PM EST, granth@cyberus.ca writes:

<< Richardoestesia gilmorei >>

The corrected spelling of the name of this genus is Ricardoestesia (without 
the h); I emended the spelling in the second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings 
#2 because (1) there is evidence of a typographical error in the original 
paper, which (2) the Zoological Code of Nomenclature allows the first revisor 
(me) to correct. "Ricardoestesia" is the spelling the original authors wanted 
(R. Sloan, pers. comm.), so I chose that spelling (which occurs once in the 
original paper) as the proper spelling of the name. (Had the spelling with 
the h been used >consistently< throughout the paper, there would have been no 
way to change it.) Apparently some copyeditor changed the name globally 
throughout the text without consulting the authors, evidently unaware of the 
nomenclatural consequences of this action.