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Re: protofeathers

(Note: tongue firmly planted in cheek...)

Jerry D. Harris wrote:
> Feathers and hair are not the same dermal structure and cannot be
> compared this way.  They have completely different developmental
> processess.

Aren't pterosaur integumentary coverings often refered to as
"hairs"? Is the terminology more strictly enforced in theropods
because they are more popular? No-one seems to give a second thought
to covering those unpopular (read "non-theropod") pterosaurs with
"hair", despite the fact that I doubt very much that pterosaurs
and mammals shared a common furred ancestor.

Just out of interest, what are bird eyelashes called? Are they
branched in structure or just single filaments? Are they refered
to as "feathers"? Have I used enough question marks?

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