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SEM Sinosauropteryx fuzz (please)

I asked this question a year ago, and got a couple
authoritative e-mails that cryptically intimated that I should
stay tuned.

Seems to me that what is needed are:

1) SEMs of a basal section of a bunch of the fibers (a cross-
section) to see if the fibers indeed do have collapsed hollow

2) Later view SEM of the tip of the fibers to see if the
splaying at the ends is from damage or is instead structural.

3) Lateral view SEM of the fiber closer to the body to check
for other structures.

There is more than one specimen of Sinosauropteryx in the
hands of science, so sacrificing a portion of the integument
shouldn't be an issue.  And I know that the Chinese have
SEM machines.

Has the work been done yet?