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Re: Caenagnathus species

In a message dated 6/7/99 11:46:37 AM EST, TWILLIAMS@canr1.cag.uconn.edu 

<< There may be more than one _Caenagnathus_ species represented in 
 the Judith River Group.    >>

I would certainly agree with this, but not much has actually been >published< 
on American caenagnathid taxonomy yet, and pretty much everything is still 
thrown into Chirostenotes pergracilis. Lotsa hearsay going around about what 
belongs with what, difficult to sort out. By pure coincidence, back in 1979 
as a Dinosaur Provincial Park volunteer I helped Phil Currie and Gilles Danis 
collect the key specimen that bridges Macrophalangia and Chirostenotes. Wrote 
my misadventures up in one of my Archosaurian Articulations issues a few 
years ago. We called the specimen a "dromaeosaurid" at the time.

<<There's also a new, larger genus of caenagnathid (not yet described) based 
upon cranial material found in the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota.>>

And a large claw from Saskatchewan, and a peculiar jaw from Alberta, and 
material from Kazakhstan...