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RE: mokele-mbembe

Yes, of course, it was a joke :-)

The "Mokele Mbembe photograph " at
http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Square/5099/ was done by my brother and
Yes, it was a toy: a Corythosaur from the Carnegie Museum Collection, placed
into an aquarium (fish tank?)
The Spanish web page couldn't be translated to English in a legible way
because it was full of mispelling and surrealistic phrases.
Professor MgGuffin (not McGuffin, but it's hard to explain that) is a
caricature of a famous Spanish "expert of the paranormal". The entire page
is a parody of certain pseudoscientist's way of writing.

Please excuse my stupid joke and my English :o]

Ernesto J. C.
Homo webensis, la página para homínidos con sentido crítico y del humor,