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Re: Chinese Boid Watching...


    Some time ago, Josh Smith gave a radiometric date of the Sihetun
deposits at 121.2 mya.  The only ones who insist the deposits are 150-140
mya are the Chinese, because some of them feel that it would be best if
their fossils were _Archaeopteryx_-aged, not younger.  Personally I feel
that the fossils are special without being as old or older than

        Allan Edels

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>In a message dated 6/6/99 6:08:42 PM EST, sarima@ix.netcom.com writes:
><< Is this solid enough to settle the controversy over the dating of these
> Or is there still enough uncertainty to allow some to continue to claim a
> Late Jurassic date for them? >>
>Don't think there's much if any support remaining for a Late Jurassic date
>for these faunas. These radiometric dates are >well< into Early Cretaceous,
>by around 20M years.