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It's not a virus, it's... Micro$oft (was

I am aware this is very off-topic on the list, but I still address it to   
the list as well so I do not have to explain this problem every single   
time someone reacts to the hideous WINMAIL.DAT attachments that my email   
client keeps sending out.

I have given this explaination a couple of times in personal replies to   
people that wrote me about this and I don't like doing that many more   
times every time I open my mouth on-list. I hope you all understand.   

To calm down M&M (Mickey and Mary ;-)) I slip in a very short remark on   
Tom's reactie to pterofuzz in the very end of this message.

On Tuesday, June 08, 1999 7:07 AM, TomHopp [SMTP:TomHopp@aol.com] wrote:
> P.P.S. Jarno, get an anti-virus program, quick.

Surely you mean an anti-Microsoft program? The problem here is that here   
at work I have to use Outlook 97 (company policy) and apart from some   
other quirck this %$#^%$#^%$@-program seems to be severely   

By default it uses its own extended message format in which you can use   
different fonts, colors, bullets, indentations and alignments in your   
tekst, as well as include all kinds of stuff (liek images) if you really   
want. These messages are sent as follows: one email message containing   
just the plain ASCII text with one attachment called WINMAIL.DAT that   
contains all the extra shi... ehh.... stuff.

In Outlook Express, which I use at home, as an option where you can   
switch between this extended format and plain ASCII ("normal" email, as   
it should be and always was) per message you're writing. You can also set   
one or the other as the default for all new mail except for those people   
you specifically tell it to use the extended format for.

In Outlook 97 however, such an option simply does not exist, the extended   
mail format is the default and there is only an obscure "Always send   
messages in Microsoft Exchange rich text format" checkbox in the   
properties for people in your address book that you should be able to   
turn off to make Outlook 97 send normal ASCII only email. At least,   
that's what all sources I checked seem to tell me. Of course, this option   
simply seems to do nothing at all.

So, it seems that I'm stuck with these hideous WINMAIL.DAT attachment on   
the end of the all message I write. All I can do is reset all formatting   
to one font and black, so (I hope) this file is as small as possible.

> P.S. Pterofuzz sounds pretty good, but I was leaning toward   

That's a nice suggestion too, but perhaps a bit more problematic since it   
sounds too much like feathers, don't you think?

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jarno Peschier

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