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Re: Dinofest papers

At 04:09 PM 6/8/99 +0200, Nick Snels wrote:
>Hello, does anybody know who I can contact to order the papers which where
>presented at the various Dinofest meetings.

Does the www.dinofest.com website still work?

>And I was wondering if somebody knew where I can get copies of PAUP 3.1.1
>and MacClade 3.05 for Windows of for DOS.

PAUP 3.1.1 was only available for Macs (I believe), and is no longer
available anyway.  The new PAUP* 4.0 is available through Sinaeur Press
(www.sinaeur.com?), and is avaiable in Windows format.  Only beta-test
versions are now out for this (really improved) software package.

As the name "MacClade" suggests, it is only available for the Macintosh OS.
I believe someone has developed a comparable (NEXUS based) data entry system
for Windows, but I don't think it allows tree manipulation.

You might want to check the Tree of Life and Hennig Society websites (sorry,
don't have those handy) for lots of other phylogenetic software out there
for Windows and DOS.

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