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Re: Epanterias/Allosaurus/Saurophaganax?

At 07:17 PM 6/8/99 -0400, Chris Srinka wrote:
>Just wondering how much new info is known about Epanterias and/or
>Saurophaganax...What do the fossil specimens of these animals consist
>of? I know there were a few posts about Epanterias back in 1996 (I
>checked the archives)-just wondering if there were any new discoveries
>or information since then.

The type _Epanterias_ material consists of some vertebrae, a coracoid, and a
fragmentary limb bone.  Most authors do not think that there are any
features in the type material which allow it to be distinguished from either
_Allosaurus_ or _Saurophaganax_.

_Saurophaganx_ is represented by considerably more material (verts,
chevrons, forelimbs, some hindlimb material, etc.).  Some of these elements
do seem distinctive from _Allosaurus_.

Chure published a brief review of the material some years ago: hopefully
more will be forthcoming.

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