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London Sights to See, Dinos to View

  I friend of mine is heading for London for a month
in the very near future, to continue her studies
(getting her English BS in a day!); I managed to talk
her into possibly seeing what sights to see at the NHM
and even possibly the OUM and Isle of Wight, for the
fossil dinos they have, and to take pictures (up close
and personal?) and to commune with the dino-gods
(y'know, the pros? Was thinking Milner and Martill).

  Do anyone out there have any suggestions of displays
that may be interesting or relevant to my studies (any
maniraptoriform would do, not just ovis: I don't
_dream_ them!) as well as *Baryonyx* at the NHM (?).

  Nearby sites might be good, if she can squeeze 'em

  She'll head to Germany as well, and so I was
thinking _Solnhofen!_ of course, and am wondering if
the quarry is open to the public (a few pictures to
give me a look at the place is really what I want)?

  "The great man wanders, over fields and fjords,
across boundless waves, son of Rasmus."

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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