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Re: Sue on TV thoughts/BHIGR Q

Jessica Wagar wrote:

<I saw the National Geo. special on Sue (Colossal
fossil), and thought it was very interesting. The
photography and video was okie. :)>

  Yeah, nice to see what Chris Brochu looks like, and
all. Much better than the photos in the Nat. Geo.
article. Kudos, Chris, for landing the bio on Sue!

<I thought it was awesome when they showed the BHIGR,
especially since I've been there before. On the show,
it said something about the black hills institute
having a new museum somewhere?>

  For the present, Pete and Neil have it where you
were. They were planning the full museum, until the
litigation chaos -- don't know where they are now. Saw
the subadult (juvenile?) *Edmontosaurus*, that was
cool -- nice front view of the beak, not something you
get to see often if you're not _with_ the fossils.

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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