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Re: Caenagnathus species (trickling off ... :) )

Tim Williams wrote:

<If we subdivide the North American material on the
basis of _Chirostenotes_ vs _Elmisaurus_ diagnoses AND
robust vs slender, we get.:
           Chirostenotes           Elmisaurus        
robust     NMC 8538, NMC 9570      -    
           NMC 2367

slender    RTMP 79.20.1            ROM 781  

condition                          ROM 37163 (juv.),
not given/ ROM 43250               RTMP 82,39.4

  Might want to add ZPAL MgD-I/172 (type of E. rarus)
as a robust form, given differentiation of metatarsus
to E.? elegans and Chirostenotes, and ZPAL MgD-I/20,
whereas ZPAL MgD-I/98 is more slender, gracile, than
either (/20 appears to be a young [based on size
compared to both other specimens] individual
intermediate in size between the two, as suggested by
the greater transverse width of mtIV to /98, closer to

<The other specimens are isolated pedal elements.>

  For the large part: /98 also bears the hands that
differ from Chirostenotes in being relatively longer,
more pronouced articular width. For all the
gallavanting Norell and his crew have been doing in
Mongolia, it would not appear that they are turning up
any new Elmi material, more's the pity. Perhaps
Osmolska had an inkling of her choice of species name
(rarus explains itself)?

Jaime A. Headden

"May I lure us, ere the mote ends us?"

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