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BHIGR New Facility

Greetings all,

While on a behind the scenes visit at BHIGR last Jan. I got to see the
plans and initilal concrete pouring for the EXPANSION of their facility.
They are adding on to the former building directly to the south. This is
the main building facing Main street in Hill City, not the casting and
construction lab behind the main museum building. A recent visitor to our
facility told us that the BHIGR is currently closed. Apparently the
construction has reached a point where they are forced to close for public
safety concerns and to remove displays. If one is planning a visit I
suggest calling to find out when they will reopen.

As an aside, while on this visit in Jan. I got to handle some of the
metatarsals and phlanges of Stan. The mounting technique they employed
allows for the easy removal of each bone for study. I found this quite
impressive, as was the famous T. rex itself. Also most impressive was the
collection of Late Cretaceous ammonites. While obviously not everyone will
be allowed the access I enjoyed, the new and improved display area will
greatly enhance a visit to their facility. Many of the specimens they did
not have room to display will soon be available for viewing.

If one chooses to visit BHIGR remember that the Grand River Museum is a
"short" drive from the Rapid City area, and we would be honored by a visit.
Also there are a VERY few opening left for our summer field program, and
details can be found on our web site.
Roger A. Stephenson
Assistant Director
The Grand River Museum
Lemmon, South Dakota
"Put the bunny, back in the box!"